Château de la Clapière

Château de la Clapière

Acquired by Henri and Charlotte Fabre in 1928n the Château de la Clapière was built in the 18th century in the footsteps of Roman occupation and then Templar. In an atmosphere of Garden of Eden, the vines of the castle benefit from the micro-climate of a seaside terroir, conducive to the aromatic generosity of the 55 ha, of which 32 ha of Cru Classé since 1955.


Crus classés

Tradition Wine

Cuvée Château de la Clapière - Côtes de Provence AOP

The classic wine of the Château, spicy and fruity, is presented in the famous family bottle "Marie-Christine" created by Charlotte Fabre, from a vase by Emille Gallé.

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Gastronomy Wine

Cuvée La Violette - Côtes de Provence AOP

In 1892 Her Majesty Queen Victoria honored the city of Hyères-les-Palmiers with her visit, and on one of her walks, met a young girl who offered her a bouquet of violets from La Clapiere. The queen was moved by this quest and by this young lady named, "Victoria". This encounter was the beginning of a great love story that sealed the destiny of young Victoria Constant forever. The Cuvée de la Violette is characteristic of the terroir and surprises by its floral side with delicate notes of violets.

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Second Wine

Cuvée Victoria de La Clapière - Côtes de Provence AOP

A story of a Queen, a woman's story. The name of Victoria is linked to the Château de la Clapière where everything recalls the history of its two characters. The Victoria de la Clapiere association runs a unique museum in Frence delicated to the Queen. Second wine of the Château this cuvée is racy and delicately fruity with a light spicy character.

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