Château de l'Aumérade

Château de l'Aumérade

Acquired by Henri and Charlotte Fabre in 1930, the Château de l'Aumérade is the largest of the six estates of the family. The 300 hectares of vineyards are situated in a vast clay-limestone plain of Pierrefeu. Its terroir delivers wines aged since 1955 in the elite of Crus Classés.


Crus classés

Tradition Wine

Cuvée Marie Christine - Côtes de Provence AOP

Dressed in the famous bottle designed by Charlotte Fabre, inspired by a vase by Emile Gallé, this vintage is the icon of the Château de l'Aumérade. Its history is forever associated with famous people, amateurs looking for exceptional and authentic.

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Fabre en Provence

This wine is a classic of the castle. It represents Provencal elegance and the reputed family.

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Gastronomy Wine

Sully white - Côtes de Provence AOP

This cuvée, a veritable Blanc de Blanc of gastronomy, was created in honor of the Duke of Sully, Prime Minister of King Henri IV, who planted the first mulberry tree in France in 1594, as well as magnificent plane trees that adorn the gardens. He also implanted our cru at the Cour de France.

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Sully rosé - Côtes de Provence AOP

The Cuvée Sully is a delicate rosé, created to accompany the most delicate dishes.

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Sully red - Côtes de Provence AOP

Sully red is raised to 50% in barrels of second wine for 12 months.

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Long-keeping Wine

Cuvée Louis Fabre - Côtes de Provence AOP

This wine was created to satisfy the amateurs of great wines of a rare typicity. Like Mr. Louis Fabre, owner of Domaine Fabre and inspirer of this cuvée, it is racy and strong character, imposing and dominant, unique and endearing, loving and faithful, passionate and exciting. Some people call it the "Pétrus de Provence".

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Second Wine

Second Vin du Château de l’Aumérade - – AOP Côtes de Provence

The first family creation, this range was marketed in the 1940s. even before the property was granted the title of Cru Classé. Second wine of the Château de l'Aumérade, these cuvées reflects the expression of the terroir of the Pierrefeu plain.

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